Alps Goodness Orange Powder for Hair (150 g, Pack of 2) - Helps in Skin Brightening, Stimulates Hair Growth & Fights Dandruff - 100% Pure & Natural

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  •  Give your hair a powdery twist with Alps Goodness Powder - Orange (15 g)
  • Cleanses scalp: It helps in keeping your scalp healthy and cleansed
  • Promotes hair growth: It helps in strengthening the hair follicles and promotes hair growth
  • Makes hair smooth and shine: It helps in fighting dullness and frizz and makes your hair smooth
  • Skin: Mix powder & water to form a paste. Apply on the skin for 15-2 mins. Rinse with water. Hair: Mix powder & water to form a paste. Apply the paste from root to tip for 6 mins. Rinse with water