Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

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  •  DURABLE CONSTRUCTION & ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The material of the hand grip strengthener is good-quality ABS plastic, plus stainless steel tension springs, which make the hand grip strengthener more durable.
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE - Hand grip strengthener can be adjustable from 22 to 88 lbs (10 to 40 kg). It can satisfy different power levels, from the beginners to the advanced.
  • REAT FOR REHABILITATION - Hand grip strengthener is great for rehabilitation. It is useful for patients with hand injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow or on the way to recovery from injured hand / wrist or tendon surgery.
  • * Made from Premium Quality Material, this Face Mask is Anti-pollution, Anti-dust and Anti-bacterial. It has 3 Layer Protection system. Inner Layer provides comfort to your skin during long term wearing. The Middle Layer filters the finer particles and bacteria. The Outer Layer filters the coarser particles keeping you safe.
  • * This anti-dust mask is ideal for both women and men.Color- Grey Medium